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Nothing good is born from lies - Wonder Woman 1984 Full Movie (2020)

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Relese Date : 12 August 2020 (USA/UK/CANADA/EUROPE)
Genre    :   Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comic
Director    :    Patty Jenkins
Writers    :    Geoff Johns , Patty Jenkins
Running time    :    2 hour 31 minutes
Star Cast    :    Pedro Pascal as Max Lord, Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, Robin Wright as Antiope, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman squares off against the Cheetah, a villainess who possesses superhuman strength and agility.

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Rating:   IMDb  / 9.1
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Diana, Wonder Woman herself, comes into conflict with the Soviet Union (Russia) during the Cold War in the 1980s, and then she encounters a formidable foe in the form of the Cheetah. The Cheetah turns out to be no other than British archeologist, Barbara Ann Minvera.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Spoilers And Predictions

The aesthetic fits the posters and pictures we’ve seen. Everything is either clear cut, bold, and gorgeous or a mash of vivid colors. The 80s theme reminds me of other great superhero films (Thor: Ragnorak, Guardians of the Galaxy) but still manages to stay unique and very Diana. The action, what we see of it, is amazing too. Wonderwoman flipping a tank, calmly swatting away a bullet, and riding a light bolt. Cheesy? Maybe a little. Won’t keep me from completely enjoying this. And the music! I still have it in my head, and I think that’s a first for a trailer music. I also love the costumes. They look great. I know some aren’t happy about Diana dressing in heels, but to that I say, who cares? Does Cap’s suit look practical? What about Batman’s? I love her ‘traditional’ outfit, heels and all. The slight difference from the first one was clear, just enough to fit in the new setting. Her new golden suit was amazing too. Even her evening dress was well done. The bad thing? Well I think I can guess the actual story, and the entire plot. And sadly Cheetah is not the villain, which is a great disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pedro Pascal, but I was hoping for Cheetah as the main villain. It’s a shame she seems to be a side character.

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Wonder Woman 1984 cast

Gal Gadot did a fantastic job as Wonder Woman, and of course Lynda Carter from the original series is unparalleled for TV superhero stuff. This question is subjective, and I’m going to answer it from the current DCU standpoint, her standalone movie was phenomenal imo, they got the lore right, they didn’t pull any punches either. The foundation on which that movie was built, like her Justice League counterparts, was moored in sand. The whole situation was viewed as a rush job, I account it to competition at the box off with Marvel most likely. She in my opinion stood out the most in the DCU Justice League, and Superman, however it was just too lack luster. I hope they can fix this dilemma, she needs the spotlight she really deserves.

Which Wonder Woman is more similar to the comics : Lynda Carter's or Gal Gadot's?

Both actually, in my humble opinion. See, the thing is, Wonder Woman has successfully adapted to the times, mainly because her physique and appearance is rather the least “important” of her qualities. You may or may not know, legend has it she was created on a bet, apparently someone dared her creator William Moulton-Marston, that a woman couldn’t successfully fulfill the same role that male characters like Superman or Batman performed. Keep in mind this is 1940, so at first her origin story states she leaves Paradise Island because she’s in love with Fighter Pilot Steve Trevor. You could say she was “adequate” to the role of a woman in her time. Yet when she gets involved in the World of Men, she fights armies, like Superman or Batman would. No fear. Because she CAN. In the Silver Age, thanks to the pressure of Communist Paranoia at the time, she “comformed” more like a wise, strong, but submissive woman, bringing coffee to the other members of the JLA. As times went, she adapted to the values prevailing at the time: late sixties-early seventies was the time that Lynda Carter’s portrayed in the tv show. A strong, yet stunning woman. For me, post-Crisis Wonder Woman was the absolute best in the Comics. Writer and Artist George Pérez, being a bit of a Greek Mythology buff, based her origin entirely in it, and created a true Female Hero in Myth fashion, having her confront a bit of innocence in a strange new world, with a will to support Peace, but not afraid to engage in physical confrontation and bravery to boot. That’s the Wonder Woman in which Gal Gadot’s role is based. Now. If you recall, there was some backlash, claiming that Gadot was “too skinny”, “too Barbie-like”; claiming that an Amazon should be, in short, a buffed up woman. It might come from Artist Alex Ross’s portrayal of the Amazon Princess in “Kingdom Come”, which I loved, but... I think the best part, and which made me a fan of WW in the post-Crisis, was what she represents, more than how she looks. Of course Lynda Carter was a childhood crush for me, of course Gal Gadot is beautiful, but that’s not what I looked for in Princess Diana, in the latest movie. What definitely got my heart was the “No Man’s Land” scene. By the end of it, I was not only sold, but signed, sealed and delivered. THAT is exactly what Wonder Woman means: Someone that jumps out of the trench, and claims No Man’s Land when nobody else can.