How will China respond to India’s action to ban Chinese apps?

Nothing. Maybe another stupid statement via Global Times…

Thing is China Loves Aggression..Attack is Best Defence is their policy…but now India has shown aggression border and economically now..

China doesnt know what to do when the opponent gets aggressive ..lets see the past events..1962 was Indias loss due to political blunders…in 1967 India beat the blues of China at Nathu La with China having 400+ casualties and india less than 100..then came 1979 when china went to war with Vietnam.. and Viatnamese army was war trained and beat the chinkis like a cake..then in Doklam we all saw how china in 2020, again China lost in Hand Combat..

China is clueless about what should they do, thats why u see ridiculous statements in Global Times..sometimes they say Dragon and Elephant dance together..sometime they try aggressive.. basically they have lost the plot..