How will the removal of “Chinese apps banned in India” impact China?

Half may be around 70_80 %of crowd is from India in usage of all Chinese apps even including zoom .Already china lost them .

This the fact Even usage of Facebook & allied apps like Insta , messenger,whatsapp ect.If indians stop using them it’s a bomb for those companies including Quora make no mistake we need to develop apps similiar apps with with some edge over existing apps provide international standered of services .India can stand side by side these existing apps not tough can do it.Advantage is on our side millions of mammoth population already been habituated and regular in all these social media and otherwise in usage of internet.Even usage of mobile phones if we can cater half of the Indian users it’s a mammoth sucess be on look out for indian apps flood in market.

What are your views on India banning Chinese apps, including TikTok?

I agree and it’s a good decision.

As it creates an opportunity or a vacuum to fill. I ll share one small example let’s say tik tok. Many people use it. Let’s say tik tok after being banned, we need to release an Indian app with even modifications n features. Then we would have given an alternative to people plus we will establish a company so comes jobs n the data of our country’s users will stay in our country only.

So banning alone won’t do any good. We also need to provide indigenous local replacements n even better options to our people and establish companies n give employment. all that revenue also stays with in our country n adds to our GDP. Reduces unemployment n creates competitiveness among local companies.

It’s time we think on those lines.