How is banning Chinese mobile apps going to help India?

Today Indian Government took a decision to ban 59 Chinese apps.Most of the Indian citizen are applauding the decision of government. So many peoples are asking how the decision is going to help India.

Following are some points which i think government have considered before banning :-

  • .Just to inform you or you might know Chinese apps earns more than 1000 crores. Only Tik Tok earns more than 100 crore in a month or two. So just think .
  • You might have observed that whenever you install a app they require permission of your phone almost everything . They capture your data on their cloud and they monitor your activities.
  • Now when government has banned the Chinese apps , so there is an opportunity for the Indian app generator to generate some apps which people might enjoy . And from this , the money of our country will remains in our country.
  • It will help Indian government as there will be decline in Chinese market or GDP because there is a huge amount of users are available from India .And due to this China earns Maximum profits . after ban there will be slow down. And it will affect Chinese government to think over it .

This will affect China and will pressurise Chinese government to think over the decision which they have taken to put army in the valley. And these pressure of Indian government may leads to withdraw the Chinese army from valley.

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